WONDER #2: The Teleceptors

Our teleceptors are how we know our world beyond what we can touch—by seeing, smelling and hearing.

Live Broadcast Jan 23 & 24, 10 am- 1 pm PT (click for other Timezones)

Come to your senses!
Take in the world around you for a moment using your senses of seeing, hearing and smelling. Now imagine how you would learn about your world if you were missing even one of these senses. And, without them, how would you communicate your needs? How would you navigate and move through the world?
We learned to use our senses as babies, and continue to refine and integrate them throughout our lives.
Use Your Head!
There is a whole lot of world out there we cannot touch.
The three senses, located in your head, help to navigate the world beyond our reach. They tell us where we are in space, what is around us, help us balance and avoid obstacles.(and so much more)

The Nose Knows.
Smell gives cues as to safety or danger as well as helping with sound production for communication. It is also a key to taste, and can be a source of pleasure and comfort.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.
Eyes inform us about what is beyond our grasp and directs our grasp to what we wish to hold. They help orient us, and help us balance and navigate gracefully through the world.

Ear! Ear!
Ears also help to orient locate us in space. They inform us of danger, are a key to balance and sense of rhythm in movement. Ask yourself, “Without hearing, how would I learn to speak?”

Alice Friedman and Gisele St. Hilaire will help us explore, refine, and integrate these amazing abilities.

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Your Instructor

Alice and Gisele
Alice and Gisele
Alice Friedman, Assistant Trainer
Alice is an experienced Feldenkrais Practitioner, registered psychologist, somatic experiencing practitioner, and dancer. She has explored the intersection of motion and emotion her entire life. In her professional life she has investigated ways of integrating movement, awareness and sensory experience into psychotherapy as well as integrating understandings from psychology and human develop into movement and somatic studies. Alice organized two Victoria Feldenkrais Teacher Training programs, and continues to teach in a variety of Feldenkrais training programs.Alice maintains a private practice on salt Spring Island add Victoria. She also offers workshops and mentoring programs.
Gisèle St. Hilaire, Full time Assistant Trainer
"I’ve been practicing the Feldenkrais Method since 2001. Although I have an extensive background as a physiotherapist, I currently work exclusively in my Feldenkrais practice.

I am very much looking forward to the Kelowna training because I LOVE to learn, and I LOVE participating in others “a-ha” moments of learning. I want to bring my own level of expertise in this method to a higher level, and I love to have fun while doing so. This team we have formed, the locale, and context of a practitioner training program in Kelowna, Canada, will provide the most amazing means of achieving this with a healthy dose of challenge, plenty of support and teamwork, and great minds and hearts working together to bring every single person involved to a greater level of self-awareness and better lives."

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