Pre-meeting Materials

For your preparation information, we have some videos and articles for you, and a sample Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®) lesson.

The ATM lesson is taught by Alan Questel, one of the teachers in our training. It is only 30 minutes, and has to do with the function of Rolling, something that we learn early in infancy, and continue to refine throughout our lives. Click to do this lesson (audio only).

The main article is by Roger Russell and Ulla Schläfke, The Growing World of the Child. You can see the download link, below.

Magda Gerber so clearly demonstrates the ways that babies solve so many events (adults may call them "problems") in a natural way: Here are some of her videos.

Two additional videos were done by Irene Lyon when she graduated from her Feldenkrais Training:

Online articles about the Feldenkrais Method applied to babies and children with special needs abound. A summary might be the one at the website: For Babies and Children.