Learning to Learn

Julie Peck writes,

Learning is an integral part of living.

It necessitates changes our actions in the world - finding new or alternate ways to achieve our goals, so that we can come to a challenge with openness and a willingness to experiment, make mistakes, and discover what works for us. As we become aware of our learning strategies, and how and what we attend to, we can explore new options to develop greater resilience and resourcefulness that we can use in our everyday lives.

Discovering HOW we learn, and improving the ways we learn is integral to the Feldenkrais method.

In this webinar the members of the teaching team we will be sharing and discussing their experiences of learning through the Feldenkrais Method – both the joys and frustrations; how these are deeply embedded within the structure of Awareness Through Movement lessons, and how they apply this learning to all aspects of their lives.

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