Meet the Team

Julie Peck graduated from the Sydney Feldenkrais training in 1990, became an accredited Feldenkrais trainer in 2003, and also has a background in physiotherapy. She finds her private practice (where she works with a wide range of clients), her teaching in numerous trainings world-wide (she is a Trainer and Educational Director) and advanced trainings, and sharing learning experiences with colleagues, clients and students are the main sources of her continual learning. She has found her journey in the Feldenkrais Method over the last 25 years has enhanced and refined her abilities in innumerable ways, particularly in stimulating her ability to direct her own discoveries and learning, and to share this with others.

Julie is the Educational Director for the Canadian Feldenkrais Teacher Training starting Kelowna in 2020.

Gisèle has been practicing the Feldenkrais Method since 2001. Although she has an extensive background as a physiotherapist, she currently works exclusively in my Feldenkrais practice. 

She writes, "I LOVE to learn, and I LOVE participating in others 'a-ha' moments of learning. I want to bring my own level of expertise in this method to a higher level, and I love to have fun while doing so."

Gisèle is on the organizing team of the Kelowna Feldenkrais training, and will provide the onsite continuity as well as provide some teaching at the training.

Alice Friedman,  Assistant Trainer

Alice is one cool woman.

A very experienced Feldenkrais practitioner and Assistant Trainer, she has organized two previous Canadian Feldenkrais trainings and has been an Assistant Trainer in many trainings in Canada and the United States. She has a background as a dancer and is also a Registered Psychologist in BC. She lives on Salt Spring Island where she and her husband built their own home and gardens. An eclectic spirit!

Sandra Bradshaw, Administrator

Sandra writes,

​​ "I’m thrilled to be part of a dynamic team that is organizing the next Canadian Feldenkrais Training Program. During the training I will be taking on a fun job where I will help to look after the venue, equipment, snacks during breaks (a very important piece!) among other things. I have had a full-time Feldenkrais practice in Kelowna for 20 years and I look forward to getting to know the students in the training you all and supporting their learning over the four years."  

Rob BlackMember of the Organizing Committee

Rob is a great administrative support to the entire Kelowna Feldenkrais Practitioner Training team and to the Feldenkrais World at large. Once a career counsellor at a college in Alberta, Rob is a long time practitioner whose wisdom, passion and more come to the fore in all he does in the Feldenkrais community and we're very grateful for his input and passion in getting this Canadian Feldenkrais Training running. Also a hiker, skier, world traveler...he is a man of many talents.

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